FINALLY! Permanently break free from martyring yourself to compensate for highly intrusive thoughts of being worthless and not good enough, so you can STOP …

  • Allowing others to trespass your boundaries and lying to yourself by saying YES when your heart says NO out of feeling selfish.
  • Suffering needlessly for showing your care and love to others while neglecting yourself and denying your own needs and desires.
  • Fabricating excuses for tolerating others’ poor behaviors or even blaming yourself for being treated badly.
  • Putting yourself down as a failure by over apologizing and devaluing yourself while putting others on a pedestal.
  • Chasing perfection and succumbing to others’ validation including listening to the monkey mind that says "what do others think or who do you think you are?”
  • Anxious to meet new people because they may think "something is wrong with you" and feeling consumes by the toxic voice despite knowing that not everyone likes everyone.

Yuliana Francie can relate from her personal experience. She accepted being a minority - the trifecta of gender, race, and religion. This led to bullying, harassment, and abusive relationship, despite being a successful business strategist with a portfolio of over $450M. Following her spiritual awakening, she made it her mission to embolden women to realize their deepest desire. As a global top-500 influencer, she shares a revolutionary self-exploration process designed to transform your limiting beliefs and release self-loathing and low self-worth. Her expertise includes over 6 years of spiritual and psychological research. She is also an experienced and certified Reiki, Theta, and Pranic healing practitioner.

Unbecoming You is an innovative daily guide to UNLEARN your limiting conditioning, UNCOVER your true self, and UNLEASH the power to create life experiences as you wish to! Unbecoming You consists of ground-breaking psychological studies, actionable reflection questions, and personal insights that soon you’ll be releasing decades’ worth of hurt. Multiple testimonials have expressed how you emerge with insights of how to become authentically you–on your terms.

Unbecoming You is a 21 daily guideline and reflection designed to help you in:

  • Fostering strong self-love and letting go of self-rejection patterns so your heart is open to receive and give love alongside putting yourself first.
  • Peeling away layers of trauma, shame, guilt, and self-doubt so that you can stop hiding away in a dark place of self-loathing.
  • Severing your impostor syndrome and confidently being visible in your authentic self.
  • Rewriting the story of complicated, unsupportive, co-dependency, and toxic relationships you’ve experienced in the past (including one with your parent) so that you create a loving, supportive, and growth orientated relationship.
  • Unleashing your unique voice and be profoundly supported and received by others while actualizing your highest potential to contribute and impact humanity.
  • Embracing all of your shadows, including the wounded feminine to set guilt-free boundaries and stop patterns of over-giving, people-pleasing, and second-guessing yourself.
  • Rekindling your relationship with your wounded inner child so that you can be your own greatest caretaker and love yourself unconditionally.

The world is a mirror of yourself, elevate your WORTH to ASK for MORE than you’ve ever demanded. No more degrading yourself into feeling nothing, trying to achieve things outside your controls, or fitting in to meet unrealistic expectations set by others.

Unbecoming You to strengthen your belief in yourself and manifest a life that is worth living on your own terms today!

Unbecoming You by Yuliana Francie