A mothers circle is an intimate gathering where women hold space for each other to share their personal journeys through motherhood. The stories shared are relatable, for motherhood is also a sisterhood; an aligned collective of souls walking side by side.


There is a reason they say it takes a village to raise a child. But it is the mother that the village is truly raising - guiding her as she transitions into a phase of endless transformation.


Mothers Circle was created with the intention of holding space for mothers who don't have someone to hold space for them. Through the power of storytelling, we are birthing the sacred village that has been missing for many mothers of today.


Each of the authors has had a unique motherhood experience; but in each of their stories, you are sure to find a delicate gem of wisdom and healing to take into your own magical journey.


The Authors:

Fiona Louise

Dania Foster

Erena Oliver

Sunita Pamamull

Romina Cavagnola

Mothers Circle: The Birth of Your Sacred Village